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What We Do

The four Banaa Scholars with the Banaa Team in Washington, DC

Banaa Scholars with the Banaa Team in    Washington, DC

Banaa.org matches Sudanese survivors of atrocity with scholarship opportunities in the United States. We maintain a database of highly qualified students who are working for peace in Sudan and want to further their education. Empowered with a university degree, Banaa Scholars return to Sudan with the technical skills necessary to cooperatively address complex political, environmental and economic causes of war. In the United States, Banaa.org works with college students, faculty and administrators to create new scholarship opportunities. Banaa staff based at GW University support passionate volunteers who want to bring a Sudanese peacemaker to their university.

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The Latest


Two new Banaa Scholars, Jacob and Salva, have arrived! Read about their arrival and the 2013 Summer Summit here.

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Our Vision

To break cycles of conflict that continue to plague regions of Sudan and South Sudan, there must be peacemakers on all sides. With this in mind, we provide marginalized individuals who have seen the horrors of war with technical tools to promote peace. Over the next decade, we aim to empower hundreds of new peace-builders, helping unheard voices find space in the Sudanese political arena. The program incorporates a number of innovations:

  • Empowering survivors of conflict to become active global citizens.
  • Ensuring scholarship recipients return home to serve communities in need by making scholarships contingent on binding commitment to public service in Sudan and working to ensure job placement in Sudan after graduation.
  • Connecting American students with individuals directly affected by the conflict and economic development issues studied in the classroom.
  • Bringing new faces to both US campuses and the international aid and advocacy communities.
  • Nearly all Banaa Scholars have lived through poverty and violent conflict, and managed to excel academically and cultivate a commitment to peace.


“By empowering expert peacemakers from local populations, Banaa.org plays an important role in the movement to end mass atrocities in Sudan. The program also presents a tremendous opportunity for college administrators to host budding leaders and vastly expand the range of perspectives on campuses.  Banaa.org will be an important force for peace in a nation that has almost always known war.” – Former Secretary of State, Madeleine K. Albright

“Banaa is building bridges across oceans, and is an important part of the global movement to end genocide and bring peace to Sudan.” –John Prendergast, The Enough Project