Banaa Summer Summit

The four Banaa Scholars with the Banaa Team in Washington, DC

The four Banaa Scholars with the Banaa Team in Washington, DC

In addition to the running the Banaa Scholarship, the Banaa Team holds an annual Summer Summit. We bring all of the current Banaa Scholars together in Washington, DC for a week of skill-building workshops, bonding, and preparation for the year to come.  Locally based organizations such as the Enough Project, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the US Institute for Peace hold workshops during the summit in addition to those led by GW Faculty.  The Summit is also one of the few times that the Banaa Team and the Scholars from both the UofR and GWU get to spend time together.

The Summit is entirely funded by the fundraising efforts of our small team of student leaders.  Please consider supporting our annual Summit by making a contribution.

Banaa Summer Summit 2013

The 2013 Summer Summit was the first time that we met Jacob and Salva, the newest Banaa Scholars, and welcomed them to the States.




Banaa Summer Summit 2012

Banaa Scholars and Banaa TeamThe first Banaa Summer Summit was a great success! Held in early August, it was ideal time for Banaa scholars – who come from diverse regions and ethnic groups and are currently studying at different universities – to come together for approximately two weeks of learning, trust-building, and reflection, toward the goal of enabling effective peacemaking. Facilitated at GWU, in the heart of Washington DC, Banaa scholars  met with NGO and government officials, and engaged in peace-building seminars and topical workshops. In addition to essential relationship-building, scholars  completed the summit with a tangible new skill. The first Summit focused on storytelling, with each scholar working to develop and hone his personal narrative that they linked to the broader public narrative around Sudan.  The objective was to enable the Scholars to feel comfortable speaking with conviction and authority about their journeys, goals, and aspirations.

banaa summer summit 2013 collage

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