Bring A Banaa Scholar To Your College Or University

In order to make a strategic investment for peace in Sudan we need your help. Bringing a Banaa scholar to your campus is an amazing way to leverage your University’s resources for peace in Sudan.

Download our Step-By-Step Guide to Bringing a Banaa Scholar to Your Campus: A How-To Kit for Student Chapters

Banaa maintains a database of qualified Sudanese scholars who are dedicated to peace, and arranges for their transportation. However, it is up to college students and faculty to get these scholarships financed. Contact to bring a scholar to your school

Remember, you don’t need to start a new organization to bring a Sudanese scholar to your school. A Banaa scholarship is an excellent action item for any social justice group on campus to rally around.

Getting Started

We know financing a scholarship can seem like a daunting task, so to lighten your load we have created a set of outreach and presentation materials.  You can use these materials to pitch the program to administrators and educate your fellow students about the program.  Of course, you can feel free to revise these items or use them as they are.

In particular, we hope you will use these materials to spread the word about to friends at other schools.  To make a major investment in Sudanese peace, it`s essential that we start dozens more campus groups by the end of the semester.