Salva Kuac Barjok

From: Aweil, South SudanSalva Kuac

The University of Rochester

Class of 2017

Major: Economics and Philosophy

You can contact Salva at

Though Salva has moved many times throughout his life to escape the war, he always worked towards his goal to settle and receive an education in Uganda. After receiving his certificate of education he has returned to South Sudan where he shows initiative for peacebuilding by attending public academic seminars and writing many articles for public websites and prominent newspapers in South Sudan.


“The regime in covering its weak spots, turned to silent media on reporting or writing about their atrocities, dark hours killings and not to inform the world of human rights abuses and suffering in the country, however, I personally vow not to relinquish writing and a call for freedom of speech ought to continue till my last breath on earth.”

-Excerpt from Salva’s Banaa Application Essay

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One response to “Salva Kuac Barjok

  1. phoenix ishaq

    Did Banaa notify the top applicant(s)?, because Banaa application says that “the top applicant(s) will be notified by the late of february”. but now Banaa still matches.
    Did Banaa change the date?

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