Mohamed Ahmed

From: Darfur, Sudan

The University of Rochester

Alumnus (class of 2014)

Majors: Financial Economics and Political Science

You can contact Mohamed at

Mohamed grew up in a small town in Darfur near an African Union peacekeeping base. After school, Mohamed would talk to the soldiers. When he realized that many of the troops were speaking the language that he had heard on the television, he asked them to teach him. Mohamed’s English skills proved invaluable: shortly before completing high school, he got a job working for a construction company that builds bases and manages supply logistics in Darfur. Mohamed was a savvy and reliable employee, and quickly rose from digging ditches to managing water purification in Elfasher, the second largest city in Darfur. Mohamed was then hired as an expatriate to work the same company in many countries in Africa where he worked in supply and logistics related departments. His American colleagues encouraged him to apply for college, and helped him find and apply to the Banaa Scholarship program. Mohmed wrote excellent essays on the need for basic infrastructure – health, water, electricity and transportation – to promote peace through development.

Mohamed, the second student to receive a Banaa scholarship, graduated with a double major in Economics and Political Science from the University of Rochester, where his charisma and personality have made him a very popular student. As a student at the University of Rochester, Mohamed took a leadership position as President of the African Students Association.  During the summer, he interned at Human Rights Watch in New York City and in the admissions office of the school. Mohamed continues to look for opportunities to learn about peace building so one day he can return to Darfur.

“By ensuring there are good roads…Once people are able to travel without constraints, then we will have a better Sudan. Building hospitals and schools helps people to live peacefully, because once people are educated and healthy, they will value peace.”–Excerpt from Mohammed’s Banaa Application Essay

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