Banaa Scholar graduates from University of Rochester

The GW Banaa Team is proud to congratulate one of our first Banaa scholars, Mohamed Ahmed for recently graduating from the University of Rochester with a double major in Financial Economics and Political Science.


Mo is pictured here with Eve Gray, a former volunteer of the Banaa scholarship, who attended Mo’s graduation. In her own article about Mo, she writes: “I feel very privileged that I got to attend Mo’s graduation and support him while he earned an education from Rochester. I hope this will open many doors for him, not just to get a career and support himself and his family, but also to be a voice for people in Darfur.”

Mohamed, or “Mo” is from Darfur, Sudan and was accepted as the second ever Banaa scholar and first Banaa scholar at the University of Rochester in 2010. His charisma and passion for peacemaking have allowed him to make a difference in his school and community as the President of the African Student Association within the University of Rochester and as an intern for Human Rights Watch in New York City.


Mo posing with his undergraduate diploma

The role of the University of Rochester within the Banaa program has continued to expand as they also have taken on their fourth scholar, Emman, for this coming school year. Again, a big congratulations to Mo and we will be supporting him in whatever lies ahead on his journey.


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9 responses to “Banaa Scholar graduates from University of Rochester

  1. My mentor,the inspirational Mo! Congratulations upon your graduation. I’m more than thrilled to see you graduating a few weeks ago. I must confess that your presence, especially the inspirational conversations with your fellow students including myself, the professors, and the University of Rochester community shall be greatly missed. It’s my thinking that everyone who have had a chance to meet the incredible Mo at the University of Rochester or anywhere will tell the world the person in the name of Mohamed Ahmed.It is my hope that you will continue to influence and change the world around you. As always,I’m thankful to the GW Banaa Team for their outstanding work and support.

  2. John Lamurden

    Thanks a lot for the graduation of Mohammed in the Baana scholar at the University of Rochester. And I’m still looking forward for my application of scholarship in Baana if God Almighty give me chance through your faith as well as others also got this opportunities. My application to Baana is in your office for the further consideration in future if you might have get any vacancy on my application to upgrade my education.  Kengen Lamurden John South Sudan Jonglei State Pibor County

    • cindyzhang95

      Hi John,

      The application for this year has just opened! If you are still interesting in applying for this year’s scholarship, please visit for more information on how to apply. Hope this helps!

      The Banaa Team.

  3. Asian Shakers

    A big and warm congrates from Darfuri refugees in detention center in Israel to our new leader. You are an inspiration to all of us. we believe in you and others like you . One day you can make a different, you can bring the peace and make it rain in all parts of Sudan so that we can only then all will able to go home and restore our live again.
    Yes yes you can make it pls we need to go home!!!
    We are so so proud of you:-)

    • Mo Ahmed

      My dear friend,

      I am really sorry to hear that you are in a detention center in Israel. I hope and pray that things work out and the Israeli government along with other concerned parties take the right steps to change the situation.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Keep the hope alive and never give up no matter what the tides bring. We shall emerge some day as a united Sudan, live together to make our country and the world a better place.

      All the best.

  4. Akot Arkanjelo, south sudan

    congz Mo upon your completion, its a pleasure to have you and i hope you will change a few lives in your region.
    thanks too to the Banaa team for the good work.

  5. mohamed hamza

    I am mohammed hamza,sudanese 24 years old, i heard about a scholarship you offer and i am very interested, i used to be CIMA student, i realy need this opportunity to have a degree that get me a better situation for me and my family,i am the eldest and i’ve got two brothers and sisters the only one who finance us is my father and he is retired, we live in a rental house in sudan so he can’t hold all this expenses education fees,travelling,rent,electricity&water bills,cost of living and more.i sacrified me and aborted my univercity trying to do some help but i couldn’t succeed it, i am seeking scholarship, grants, students loans,work and study abroad and any financial assistance could help me to get a please if you could do anything for me inform me and remember my future depends on you, may you’ve a wide God blessing,

    • cindyzhang95

      Hi Mohamed,

      The application for the Banaa Scholars Program has just been opened. If you are still interested in our program, please visit for more information on how to apply. Hope this helps!

      The Banaa Team.

  6. Mo Ahmed

    OMG! I just realized this was posted a while ago! I’m honored to be part of the Banaa family and a proud Yellow Jacket from Rochester! I’m also grateful for all of your kind words and congratulations. Thank you to each and everyone of you for the kind words and positive thoughts.

    King Salva! You are one of the many true legends and family in my heart and mind forever. The honor is all mine. I look forward to attending your graduation soon!! Also, i’m sure i’ll come visit you guys in Roch sometimes soon. Wild horses couldn’t stop me! Miss you guys tons and I wish my fellow Banaa applicants the very best of luck in life and their school journey!

    Thanks a million Team Banaa!

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