How YOU can get involved!

Banaa is a strategic investment in peace and the Banaa staff are all committed help Banaa expand and fulfill its vision of educating dozens of Banaa Scholars.  As a small group of college students, we could certainly use your help.
We encourage you to get involved in any way that you can.  Banaa has several needs and the following are ways that you may be able to help us:
1) finding highly qualified candidates for the scholarship from the Sudans (applications are sent out in the fall). We especially would like to find women who are eligible for the scholarship, as we have not yet had a female Banaa Scholar.
2) helping our scholars with the transition to the way of life in America (in August and throughout the first year), especially as a college student. One thing that we would like more help with is connecting the scholars with a support base of Sudanese diaspora in the States. In addition to helping scholars adjust to life in the United States, our scholars often need other means of support, including internships and housing during the summer.
3) spreading awareness about Banaa, which can be done by word of mouth, via the internet, etc. One could also write a blog on our website or your own, follow us on twitter and facebook, and share our posts with your friends.
4) fundraising for the various needs of our program by reaching out to people and organizations (like small businesses and religious/community organizations) who may be willing to donate to Banaa.***
5) getting other colleges and universities to provide Banaa scholarships to students. Right now only the University of Rochester and GWU provide Banaa scholarships, and they can only commit to a limited number of scholars. But there are many Sudanese students yearning for higher education who lack the opportunity, and would make great peacemakers if they were given the resources. One of the best ways to bring Banaa to other universities is by starting a student group at your college, or joining a pre-existing group, and using the collective voice of your school’s student body to talk with your college/ university’s administrators about sponsoring a Banaa Scholarship.
If you think you can be of help to us in these ways we would be very appreciative.  Email us at
***Right now we are seeking two laptops and cell phones for the two new Banaa Scholars for academic use.  If you can help us obtain  these materials, again please email us at!

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